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Onepsych Psychology Services

At Onepsych we use scientifically proven, evidence based techniques to assist clients in finding effective solutions to their emotional, physical, behavioral and cognitive problems.


Adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood. For some teenagers it is a time that can result in physical, emotional and social issues.


It is a time where some are discovering their sexuality, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and dealing with depression, anxiety, bullying and self-esteem.


Onepsych Psychology Services works with adolescents to teach life skills that allows them to develop into well 
adjusted adults.

Adults & Aged

Life presents us all with many challenges and pressures, and some people cope better than others. Dealing with work, families and relationships can be an emotional roller coaster.


Onepsych Psychology Services works with clients in assisting them to cope with everyday pressures like depression, grief and anxiety issues, couples and relationship counseling, adjustment disorder, dementia and issues with the aged.


Most large organisations use skilled Psychologists to assist with their business practices. 


Employment Assistance Programs (EAP) provides employees with the opportunity to access professional counseling in relation to work and personal issues. 


Onepsych Psychology Services also provides Management Advice in areas of productivity, performance and Workplace Injury claims.


Employees and management work with Onepsych on personal issues, conflict resolution, stress, harassment and mediation.


Forensic Psychology is an area of specialist training and experience that provides counseling, psychotherapy and psychological assessment of victims and offenders. 


Psychologists work with the police, the courts, victims and offenders. 


Onepsych Psychology Services areas of treatment include trauma recovery, victims of crime and abuse, offending behaviour and substance abuse issues.

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